Socrata 311

Working with Socrata, the 8ninths team developed a web application that showed citizens how well their city was running with 311 data. This was my first time dealing with such robust data visualization, but it turned out to be one of my favorite projects of all time.



The Socrata product team gave us a wishlist combining their company and city needs. After the initial exchange, we paired down the appropriate feature set for V1 and started wireframing.

The initial ideas were stuffed with data. Charts everywhere. City managers had no qualms with this, but a citizen would find it overwhelming.

We landed on a card based system with a map at the top for easy navigation. At a glance, a citizen could see multiple sets of data on a page and dive into a section.


Visual Design


Design lead. User experience and visual design.



Gary Gause (Lead Developer), Kyle Warbis (Developer), Jonathan K (Developer), Linsday Schelmire (Program Manager), Morgan Kim (Designer)