Rover Sitter Sign Up

Signing up to be a sitter or walker on Rover is an extensive process. We’re giving these people the authority to care for dogs–our owner’s dogs, our dogs. So naturally, we want as much information as possible.

This is a hard balance to find. On the one hand, we don’t want the sign-up process to be overly easy. We want to know as much about the sitter to make an informed decision of letting them on the site. On the other hand, we don’t want it to be too hard. It would seriously affect our supply in the marketplace and create grief for our customer service team. 

There were a couple of other things to consider: the experience should be responsive, the current data fields needed to remain (additions welcomed), and the new flow would double as editing screens after sitter approval.

Here's the old design. Potential sitters found this page overwhelming and intimidating to start:



I went through several iterations of what would be a great organization of our metadata and feel less intimidating to potential sitters. Here's a couple of iterations.



In the end, we decided to create a flow with 5 sections that encompass the main parts of being sitter. The sub-section could grow and shrink depending on the metadata we need. 



During the visual design phase, I looked at a couple of ways of making the experience feel less overwhelming. I started by making the attribute questions more visually appealing.

Sitters have to complete each section before continuing on.

We structured the photo form in a way that reflected the sitter's live profile.


Success Metrics

Testing 50/50 between old and new, we witnessed a 50% increase in sitters completing sign up process in the new flow.

About 40% of potential sitters that begin the sign up process completed it. While this might seem small, our Sitter Quality team receives anywhere from 1-2k applications to review a day!