Sweets Deeds

Sweet Deeds is an idea created with my partner-in-crime and adland's premier drag queen, Amit Gurnani.


Give colleagues a way to show their appreciation for each other.


When it comes to being a good co-worker, it's the little things that matter.


A place where people can say thanks for the little things, the sweet deeds.


The Sweets live on the home page, interacting in fun and silly ways. You can reward Sweets to a colleague. Let's say I brought in a pizza for Amit during a late night project and he wants to show some appreciation.

SweetDeedsa_0003_Expand 1.jpg

Amit decides how many he wants to give and write a note.

He can even customize the Sweet, making the "thanks" more memorable.


The Sweets travel to me. Through the ocean...

...the mountains...

...and modern airlines...


...to me.

helping a friend in need makes you a friend indeed
and deeds deemed sweet for friends in need indeed
deserves sweet treats and treats received for their
sweet deeds make friends feel glee indeed