I'm Chris Jones, an art director turned product designer. I work at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence and moonlight for non-profits and museums. I love the quirks of the past and the promise of the future.

My Process

My design process is heavily influenced by Joe Strummer, the co-founder and lead vocalist of The Clash. I adhere to the following tenants:

  1. My motto is, 'What's the hurry?' I'm trying to get it across to the modern world that we need to sit around and think a little bit more. (Levitan, Corey, 2 December 1999)
  2. I think people ought to know that we're anti-fascist, we're anti-violence, we're anti-racist and we're pro-creative. We're against ignorance. (the NME, 11 December 1976)

Selected Work